Machined Material, Custom Size & Chemical Compositions, Milled Plates

The fierce competition in the market forces a great majority of project-based industrial companies to cooperate with a third company as an outsourcer. 


Thanks to this method which is mostly favoured abroad, particularly in the US for a long time, companies both reduce the cost of machine park and keep the number of their employees at the most convenient level. This, in return, enables them to use their employees in the most efficient positions.

We, as Referans Metal, apply our method of supply through project partners in finished material supply, too.

Should the pictures or product sizes are delivered to our Engineering Department, we can offer you the materials at the tolerances in drawings. If you like, we can also make the finished forms available after processing it in our special grinding system.


As for the supply of aluminium alloy with special chemical composition which requires a very specific engineering solution, we supply the alloy with all mechanic values demanded by the project. Or, we develop alternative materials and offer the most advantageous option. 

Please get in touch with our Engineering Department. We would be happy to share our experience and know-how with you.


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